Balance documentary

 library contains what wakes up from 28,000 a book, Maevouk 5400 title in the Arabic language, and 600 foreign-language title distributed in the following disciplines:
Legal and administrative sciences, language and Arabic literature, science business, science and technology.
And more than 600 Memorandum graduated in disciplines mentioned theses and distributed among doctoral and master's, in addition to more than 150 periodicals in the title, in the year 2015/2016, and each year is increasing the balance to meet the needs of the student Hedda to facilitate research.
There are two libraries Library of Science and Technology and the Office of the sociology of every office by two floors: the ground floor:
It contains a reading hall with a capacity of 200 seats with computers for purely bibliographic.
- Store for books.
-pennek Loan.
It contains a reading hall with a capacity of 150 seats.
Access to the library is permitted for all students and teachers and ancillary researchers