Providing library

The university library annex provides readers a wide range of works of different specialties.
Overview of the Library
The library was opened in September 2006 under a deputy ministerial decree dated 29 Safar 1427 corresponding to 29 March 2006 and which stipulates the creation of the academic schedule of Maghnia
Hourly labor
The library is open all week except Friday and Saturday from 8: 30 am until 16: 30 pm. Access to the library as borrowing books is allowed to all teachers and students of the schedule.
The library offers:
• Access to all students, teachers and staff.
• It gives you all the information you need
• Borrowing books is available only to students and teachers of the university Schedule
• The library staff is at your disposal on the reception and orientation for the use of all means to the library.
• Security officers shall guarantee security and tranquility in the library.
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